Construction is the process of preparing for and constructing warehouses, factory buildings etc. Construction starts with planning, design and financing and continues until the structure is ready for occupancy. Far from being a single activity, construction involves human multitasking. Normally, the designing is done by qualified designer, managed by a project manager and supervised by a site engineer. For the successful execution of a project, several factors such as scheduling, budgeting, construction site safety, availability and transportation of building materials, logistics, inconvenience to the public etc. is taken into account.

Pre-Engineered Buildings

The first point is the pre-engineered buildings which are made by the professional Pre-engineered building companies are lighter in weight as compared to the onsite fabrication. The reason for this is very simple when we going for the onsite fabrication for that we have to purchase sections and girders which are available in the market in standard sizes like ISMB and ISMC.These standard sections cannot be optimized but in case of Pre-engineered buildings.

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