Why Choose Shaks Projects?


We would be your one point contact for all your construction needs viz., Civil, PEB, Road work, Compound Work, Commercial building from inception ,designing, approvals, hassle free execution and on time completion.


Our customers are our brand ambassadors; we are growing by word of mouth through our Prestigious Clients, which speaks for our services, which also assures of our Quality and Safety policies.


Our Core Team consists of members who have a good experience in construction background and are equipped in construction practices, are flexible, understands the customers need and provide quality construction services.


We have finished projects in 95 days to 105 days time Our in house Designers and Engineers are ready for all trade works. Our engineer understands the need of the clients and in turn provides the best and viable solutions ensuring customer satisfaction. We strive to provide one stop solutions from design to execution, providing hassle free solutions to the clients.

Our Strengths

  Two Decades of Experience & Extensive Reach: With a rich experience spanning two decades, our team has honed its skills and developed a wide-reaching network. This invaluable experience enables us to navigate the intricacies of the industry and deliver unparalleled solutions.

 Competent and Knowledge-Enriched Team: Our success is attributed to a team of professionals who are not only competent but also possess enriched knowledge. Their flexibility and strong communication skills ensure effective collaboration and smooth project execution.

  Result-Oriented Approach: We approach every project with a keen focus on achieving results. Our commitment to a result-oriented mindset ensures that our clients receive solutions that not only meet but exceed their expectations.

 Reliable, Cost-Effective, and Secured Services: We understand the importance of reliability, cost-effectiveness, and security in our services. Our commitment to delivering on these aspects underscores our dedication to client satisfaction.

 Availability of Infrastructure & Equipments: Equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting-edge equipment, we are well-prepared to meet the demands of even the most challenging projects. Our commitment to staying updated with the latest technologies ensures efficiency and effectiveness.

 Adapting to Customer Requirements & Industry Changes: In a dynamic construction industry, we take pride in our ability to modulate ourselves to meet customer requirements and adapt to ever-changing industry trends. This flexibility ensures that our services remain relevant and impactful.

 Total Solution Approach: Distinguishing ourselves, we focus on providing a 'total solution' for our time-bound services. This holistic approach ensures that our clients experience a comprehensive and seamless service delivery.

  Core Values - Leadership, Quality, Passionate Employees, Trust: Our core values - Leadership, Quality, Passionate Employees, and Trust - form the foundation of our company culture. These values guide our decisions, actions, and interactions, fostering a work environment that promotes excellence and integrity.

Our Vision

The vision of SHAKS is to offer an exceptional experience with superior quality at an affordable cost. We aim to uphold the highest standards in our services while ensuring accessibility for our clients.

Our Mission

Is to provide responsive, safe, trusted soltions, highest quality, with cost effectiveness, dependability, one point contact, Construction Management services in the Industry.